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Pictures Wanted for this Beeman Ancestry


Thomas Beman  b. abt 1680; d.15 Nov 1750; Kent, Litchfield, CT:   Married 1712, Preston, New London, CT

Phebe Parke b. 3 Oct 1692; New London, New London, CT;  d.  Oct 1777; Kent, Litchfield, CT

Children of Thomas Beman & Phebe Parke:

Ebenzer Beeman b. Apr 1719; Preston, New London, CT;  d. abt 1784:  Revolutionary War:  Married  Rachel Tracy b. 29 Nov 1724, Preston, New London, CT; d. aft 1786 Litchfield, CT

Thomas Beeman b. 9 Oct 1715; d 12 May 1790:  Married Bethia Tracy, b. 3 Aug 1718; d. 17 Feb 1789

Ezekiel Beeman  b. abt 1717, Preston, New London, CT;  d. 1757

Daniel Beeman  d. Aug 1757; Married Lydia Cogswell, 19 Aug 1757

Ruth Beeman  Married Thomas Morris

Joseph Beeman b. 1725;  d. 19 Nov 1814, North Fairfax, VT:  Married Catherine Durkee

John Beeman b. 24 Oct 1726; d. 24 Oct 1776 Kent, CT:  Married Sarah Thompson 5 Nov 1746

Parke Beeman b.1737; d. 24 Jul 1802, Married Anna Keeney 15 Dec 1757

Children of Ebenzer Beeman and Rachel Tracy

Able Beeman b.7 Dec 1746; d. 1833 Bristol Spring, Ontario, NY:  married 8 Nov 1770, Kent, Litchfield, CT:    Mary Keene b. abt 1746, Stratford, Fairfield, CT; d. abt 1830 Bristol spring, Ontario, NY

Reuben Rufus Beeman b. 14 Dec 1742; d. 1 Mar 1862: Revolutionary War:  Married 1763, Mariam Tracy b. 1746, Lavonia, Livingston, New York, CT

Elijah Beeman b. 3 Nov 1744; Kent, Litchfield, CT:  d. 1833; Strafford, Orange, VT:  Revolutionary War:  Married  1770; Strafford, Orange, VT;  Patience Hatch b. 18 Jul 1750; d. 19Nov 1830.

Anson Beeman b. 28 Mar 1749

Lemuel Beeman b. 18Jan 1750; Kent, Litchfield, CT; d. aug 1836; Washington, Litchfield, CT:  Revolutionary War:  Married 11 Mar 1783  Lydia Coswell.

Ebenezer Beeman Jr. b. 1746

Children of Abel Beeman and Mary Keeney
   Abel Beeman Jr. b. 4 Nov 1772; Kent, Litchfield, CT:  Married Lucinda Palmer; born 1773; Canadaigua, Ontario, NY; d 5 May 1826; Canadaigua, Ontario, NY.

A larger picture shows Abel Beeman on the Marker.


Molly Beeman b. 4 Nov 1773

David Beeman b. 2 May 1775

Rufus Beeman b. 7 Aug 1779

Gedeon Beeman b. 8 Apr 1781

Annis Beeman b. 18 Jun 1786

Ruby Beeman b. 26 Apr 1788

Polly Beeman

Children of Abel Beeman  jr. and Lucinda Palmer

Reuben Beeman b.29 Jul 1802; Kent,Litchfield, CT:  d. 29 May 1874, Canadaigua, Ontario, NY. Married abt 1821, Canadaigua Ontario, NY Orpha Crane b. 25 Dec 1800, Canadaigua, Ontario, NY: d. 23 Feb 1876 Canadaigua, Ontario, NY.   Looking for pictures of Reuben and Orpha. 

Seth Beeman b. abt 1792

Triphona Beeman  b. abt 1796

Able Beeman  b. abt 1798

Lucienda Beeman b. 1800

Mary Beeman (Poly) b. 1804

Eunice Beeman  b. 1806

Marietta Beeman  b. 1808

John Steadman Beeman  b. 1810

Sylvia Beeman  b. 1812

Laura Beeman

Children of Reuben Beeman and  Orpha Crane

Ann Abigal Beeman  b. 10 Jun 1840, South Bristol, Ontario, NY; d. 9 Aug 1892, Hopewell, NY:   She married 4 Jul 1866, Canadaigua, NY Ransom Haight.  b. 18 Oct 1840 Berkshire, Tioga, NY:  d. 9 Oct 1903, Portland, Multnomah, OR.  Would like to compare pictures.

Richard W Beeman b. 29 Jul 1825, Canadagua, Ontario, NY; d. abt 1860

Rejoice Crane Beeman  d. abt Dec 1826, south Bristol, NY in a log house.  d. abt 1908 Canadaigua, Ontario, NY  of stroke.  Did he marry?


Looking for pictures of  the First New York Dragoons during the Civil War  Co. I;

Privates on page 90 of the Book Civil War History and Roster of the First New York Dragoons.

Harrison Allen, Albert D. Ames, Barker, Joseph M. Barker, Robert C. Chapman, George W. Dann, George W. Durfee,   Henry Fry, George R. Harwood, Randall Haines, Mark W. Heath, William C. Hendershot, Sidney S. Morris, James W. Rogers, Byron Russell, Robert R. Riddle, Elias Riker, Lorenszo Robins, Stillman, Sessions, Heenry Smith, Edward Smith, William A. Spoon, Orville S. Tilden, Benjamin F. Town, Francis W. Town, William Terry, Harrison H. Wheller, Rufus Adams, Crawford McCollister, Edward I. Gilbert, Ransom Haight, Jessie Smith, George H. Spoon, Asher Whiteneck.  Please help put faces to the above people.


Will be back.  Have much more to add.  Looking for pictures of these people.  Will share of course.  Deanna







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