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eMail Pictures

People are sending me hordes of wonderful old pictures.  Being decades old, I’m going to assume they are  in the public domain.    The people in them are all unidentified.

 Isn’t this a great picture?  Know any of these people?

eMail Pictures continued


Spencer Family Mystery Ancestors

1914 -1915  Probably Osgodby, Leicestershire, England at home of Mary Ann Maxey Spencer.  The Young man at the upper far left is Redvers Haddon Spencer, b. 1900.  The young man at far upper right side in the back is Cecil Victor Spencer Allegedly named Horn buckle.  The rest of the children are probably cousins either by blood or by marriage.  Given how young many were at that period, they could have lived into the late 1900′s.  Any information concerning the identity of these children would be greatly appricated.

Spencer Family Continued


Long Lost Friends

Seeking Patty Cook

Photo taken the summer of 1956 on the back deck of Jane and Jack Wright, Clackmas Oregon.  I’m seeking my long lost friend, Patty Cook (her maiden name).  She is on the left, I’m on the right.  Patty is probably living in Oregon or Washington State.  We are both 16 years old in this picture.

Lost Friends Continued




Couple Identified

Maria Placencia and Jose Vizcaino

Picture taken about 1919.  Maria and Jose were probably born in Jalisco Mexico but, their heritage is Spanish.  Owner of the picture will be delighted with any information on this couple.

Placencia and Vizcaino Continued

 Mystery Ancestors Blog Continued

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