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Military Photos WWII

 These pictures were found in Florence Oregon.  I’m guessing they are from World War II.   

Stamped on the back is, ‘Red Cross 906 Fallon, Oakland 7, Cal. A second stamp reads, ‘Commercial Studios Photographers Oct 21 1952 1116 Franklin St. GL. 1-9717 Oakland California.

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19 Sep 2014

World War One

World War One 1914 – 1918

Navy Pilots 1923

Don’t remember where I got this photo or how I got the date.   Can anyone shed some light on this photo?




19 Sep 2014

Military Photos Continued

The Liljenquist Collection of Unidentified Soldiers

Library of Congress 

Unidentified soldier in Union cavalry uniform, on horse, with cavalry saber, in front of encampment with winter chimneys


 Unidentified soldier of the 11th Indiana Infantry Regiment in zouave uniform with bayonted musket. Between 1862 & 1865


 Unidentified soldier in Union Veteran Reserve Corps uniform.


 Unidentified soldier in Union uniform with Company F hat and upside dwon U.S. belt buckle, armed with Colt revolver and cavalry sword.


 Unidentified soldier in Union Uuniform with musket and saber bayonet.


 Indentified Civil War soldiers will be added to the website First New York Dragoons

More unidentified Civil War soldiers to be added to this page soon.

Military Continued

 You may find identified Civil War and other military photos at the First NewYork Dragoons




19 Sep 2014

Haight Family Mystery Photos


This photo was taken at Rockaway Beach, Oregon in 1922-1923.   These people  look totally different from the other Haights in the album.  I do believe they are part of the family.  Other family sir names are Beeman, Crane, Carpenter, Fowler and Snow.  North Eastern American Indian is mixed in with some if not all of these people as some of them are Mayflower Descendants.

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18 Mar 2011