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Books, etc.

In my opinion, a person can’t have too many books. Before the internet, they were a necessity for the family researcher.  Personally I rather have a book than almost any other media.  This old woman highlights, underlines and writes in the margins.  So this section of Mystery Ancestors will feature History & Genealogy books, e-books, kindle and whatever else I can find to help the family genealogist.  You will find some of the collection free.  History and Genealogy Authors let me know if you would like your work included.

The Illustrious Lineage of the Royal House of Britain Wall Chart
I hit this chart after searching only 5 generations.  Everyone should have one of these charts.




 Seven Generation Ancestor Chart
Five Generation Ancestor Pedigree Chart
Family Group Sheets

TreeSeek 15 Generation Pedigree Chart | Blank Genealogy Forms for Family History and Ancestry Work




TreeSeek 5 Generation Descendants Chart | 5 Pack | Blank Genealogy Forms for Family History and Ancestry Work



Genealogy Charts Research Family Tree Maker Software Gramps PC Computer Windows Mac





Family Tree Maker Version 5 Deluxe

Family Tree Maker 9.0 [OLD VERSION]

Family Tree Maker Version 16 Essential Sb Cs This is the one I use.

Family Tree Maker 11.2 Standard
















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