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Spencer Family Mystery Photos

c 1914 – 1915 – Probably Osgodby, Leicestershire, England at home of Mary Ann Maxey Spencer.  The young man at the upper far left is Redvers Haddon spencer, b. 1900.  The young man at far upper right side in the back is Cecil Victor Spencer allegedly named Hornbuckle.  The rest of the children are  probably cousins either by blood or by marriage.  Given how young many were at that period, they could have lived into the late 1900’s.  Any information concerning the identity of these children would be  greatly appricated.

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19 May 2011



My mother told me this building was built as a result of the big depression to give people work.  It is located somewhere in or near Portland Oregon.  The person with the X is James Ransom Haight, born in 1874


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13 May 2011